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Hahaha. Tell me about you. <3
However you are, you are beautiful!
However you are, you are beautiful!

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DemmzLovato 29 December 2010  
HP series fan and loving fashion.
Fashion icon: Kim Kardashian
Fav Singers: Katy Perry,Rihanna,Demi Lovato,Fergie,etc (a lot)
Fav Bands: Black eyed peas, JoBros, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,linkin park etc (a lot)
Fav Movies: harry potter
Fav cartoons: shrek,spongebob
Fav books: harry potter

so proud of sarcasm.
bixelle 10 December 2010  
My favOurite singer:Miley:x
JoannieMee 30 November 2010  
My name is Ioana, but everyone calls me Jeanne. I'm 13 and I'm from Romania.(you're from Romania too, right?)cluj napoca and my b-day is on 16 dec, I want as many people to consider me their friend so I hope we'll be friends :)
Jeanne xx
xDontLoveItHurtsx 30 November 2010  
ofc! and yupa. im from romanian but from bucharest xD
oOTaniutzZaOo 29 November 2010  
Heiii xx My name is Tania but u can call me Tany.I'm from romania and i think you,too.Hmmm:-?? what more? I was born on 21st of July... I'm very friendly so don't be afraid to talk with me :]] LY xx
xItsKristenRxD 29 November 2010  
Okay so :] My name is Rodeheaver ... Kristen Rodeheaver . (:
i live in LA, California (: my motto is YOU only live life once, so follow your DREAM ! :) ( love it ) and Hmmm ' i think that is enough :) and again , nice to met yu
bixelle 28 November 2010  
I`m 14;) sorry
bixelle 28 November 2010  
My name is Andreea.I`m 1 and I`m from Romania;)
" 1 march " @ piSces

# My fav star is:Miley Cyrus..prOblemS ;-? She is very beautiful;;)....I`m so buSy;-j bye;-*
xDontLoveItHurtsx 28 November 2010  
hahaha i love miley too.<3
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